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Interactive price curves

From now on, SirEnergies will provide you with an interactive graph for tracking one or more gas, electricity or CO2 products. Because our vision is based on transparency, advice and responsiveness, we are offering you a free, no-obligation a free, no-obligation monitoring tool for your business to cope with the many volatilities of the markets.

Follow your favorite products

With free access and free of charge, we give you the opportunity to follow Elec EEX Baseload Forward Cal25 and Cal26 as well as Gas PEG Forward Cal25 and Cal26.
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Weekly market analysis

We analyze trends in the electricity, gas and CO2 markets with our forecasts for the week. This is the basis for the SirEnergies in-house sales meeting at the beginning of the week.
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Did you know? Stay alert to fluctuating market prices: we give you the opportunity to receive free gas and electricity closing prices every morning. every morning.
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